SimpleVisa Pricing Policy



“SimpleVisa Service” shall mean the services provided by SimpleVisa through the SimpleVisa API, including but not limited to the receipt of visa applications, processing of the Fee Quotes and Process Time Quotes, the preparation of your data for a Confirmed Order and the payment processing for such preparations through the SimpleVisa API and subject to SimpleVisa’s respective technical processes and rules.

An “Order” means a preparation and processing request submitted by you through the SimpleVisa API, requesting SimpleVisa to prepare and submit a travel visa to a certain customer of yours.

A “Confirmed Order” means an Order for which you have verified the Fee Quote and Process Time Quote, submitted to the API and that passed API validation.

A “Fee Quote” means the service fee quoted by SimpleVisa for each Order.

A “Process Time Quote” means the processing time needed to submit the visa application to a government quoted by SimpleVisa for each Order.

A “SimpleVisa Agent” means any third-party engaged by SimpleVisa to perform the SimpleVisa Service.


SimpleVisa offers the services of preparing and submitting electronic applications to government authorities for purposes of requesting travel visas on behalf of third-party travelers. SimpleVisa sells credits through their software platform which are then exchanged by the platform user to purchase and receive SimpleVisa Services.


Upon initial payment of your fixed monthly plan, SimpleVisa will offer its service to you. To receive the SimpleVisa Service to fulfil an Order, the appropriate amount of credit(s) will be added to your balance, paid for at the end of each month, or after every 500 credits utilized, whichever comes first. Once your Order becomes a Confirmed Order by SimpleVisa, the credits will be confirmed  and not refundable. In the event you do not pay for the credit invoice within 3 business days, your Order will be declined by SimpleVisa.

The Confirmed Order will be processed by SimpleVisa within the Process Time Quote.


Payments to SimpleVisa are made via wire transfer at your sole cost in accordance with wire instructions provided by SimpleVisa.


SimpleVisa reserves the right to cancel any Order or Confirmed Order at any point in time and in its sole discretion. SimpleVisa will refund you 100% of the Fee Quote for each Confirmed Order which is not submitted within sixty (60) minutes of the respective Process Time Quote due solely to an act or omission of SimpleVisa or any third-party engaged by SimpleVisa to perform the SimpleVisa Service.

No reimbursement will be made for any other canceled Confirmed Order before processing is completed.

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